Chalk 2 has unparalleled experience in providing chase support to Unmanned Aircraft. The company has a strong commitment to safety, with no accidents or incidents in over 100,000 flying hours. We have 25 years of experience chasing unmanned aircraft.

We Are Qualified

Our full-time pilots and observers are trained in chase and formation, in support of unmanned aircraft.

We provide chase support for day and night UAV operations

All Chalk 2 pilots have specific training in UAS lost-link and flight termination procedures.

We Are Flexible

Chalk 2 pilots are qualified to support UAV aircraft ranging from rotor craft to fixed wing, and missions ranging from surface to Flight Level (FL) 230.

Our fleet of aircraft and crew member staffing allow us to provide support 24/7.

We support our customers nationally and have completed missions in Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and New Hampshire.